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100 popular crypto currencies explained in 4 words or less

100 popular crypto currencies | Crypto currency or digital currency is an invention of the Internet. Basically someone out there thought, „Hey, what if we can create a system where money is not geographically tied, like on the Internet, for example“ and lo and behold, now we have over 3000 crypto currencies in circulation.

100 popular crypto currencies: is Ethereum code your favorite?

Not all crypto currencies are the same. Some have amazing properties like this Some were even created as a joke. Others were part of a sophisticated Ethereum code pyramid system. Some are quite useless, because they are also perceived as worthless. Because we should not forget one thing: „Each crypto currency is only as valuable as the value assigned to it by a mass audience.“

As with all other assets (think of stocks or real estate), the price can rise and fall quickly, resulting in very volatile and risky investments. Here are a handful of the popular crypto currencies and what they are known for in 4 words or less.

Note: The ranking on the BildS was taken from newline

Bitcoin: Digital Gold
Ripple: payment processing system for companies
Ethereum: Programmable Contracts and Money
Tether: Price = 1 USD
Komodo: Decentralized ICOs
Steem: Reddit Voting with Money
Golem: rent computers of other people
Basic Attention Token: Decentralized Ad Network
Can Bitcoin survive in the future?
S & P Global Ratings published a report on Monday 19 February entitled „The Future Of Banking: Cryptocurrencies Will Need Some Rules To Change The Game“. It describes the possible outcomes for global financial markets in terms of the actions of crypto markets.

Although the crash at the beginning of February appeared to be synchronous in both the traditional markets and the crypto markets, Mohamed Damak, Senior Director for Senior Financial Services at S&P, does not see this correlation as meaningful, CNBC reports:

„For now, a significant decline in the market value of crypto currencies would still be too small to disrupt stability or affect the creditworthiness of the banks we rank.

According to the S & P report, unlike banks, retail investors would be hit hardest in a crypto crash:

„We expect the rated banks to be largely isolated as their direct or indirect exposure to crypto currencies appears to be limited.

Youtube Star Nicholas Merten: Bitcoin Price at $50,000

Youtube star Nicholar Merten dares to forecast the Bitcoin price. According to his statement, he suspects the value of a Bitcoin at around $ 50,000. But what are his assumptions based on?

Bitcoin revolution reaches the 50,000 dollar mark in 2018

Nicholas Merten, whose Youtube channel has almost 300,000 supporters, is an entrepreneur and investor in crypto space with far-reaching influence. His forecast, which allows Bitcoin to rise to more than double by the end of the year 2017, relies on some large financial problems of the traditional market. In a tweet he names four factors that will drive the price of Bitcoin to unprecedented heights. He bases his pronoun on the following points:

My predictions for 2018:#Bitcoin will be $50K by the EOY. Why? Interest rates will continue to to

– Interest rates will continue to rise
– Deutsche Bank will go under by the 2018
– Equities and housing prices will take a massive hit
– With trillions of $’s that need to exit, the SEC will create a Bitcoin ETF

Contradiction from the own follower series

Some of his followers have questioned his reasoning. It was pointed out that interest rates do not correlate with crypto prices and that Deutsche Bank is restructuring, but a bank of this size will not go under until the end of the year. Nicholas Merten suspects a crypto market capitalization of a trillion dollars by the end of the year.

Furthermore, he thinks that stocks and real estate prices will experience a massive slump. It is interesting, however, that he does not base his assumptions on direct scenarios in connection with Bitcoin & Co., but blames the impending economic crisis for the price increase. Many suspect an impending financial crisis, but whether this will already occur in 2018 remains questionable and is pure speculation.

Lately, Bitcoin price forecasts and most with a bullish signal are increasing. If you compare this with the current market situation, you can only dream of these numbers. Today’s technical analysis has interpreted short-term bearish signals so that selling pressure will continue for now. But as the past has shown, the market can turn completely within a few days.