With regard to a sys coin forecast, one thing can already be said: there will certainly be no huge leaps in the share price. The value of the coin depends on how many people use the platform and open a shop. The mining of the coin is deliberately slow and not particularly productive. That shouldn’t stop you from buying syscoin, though. Syscoin will probably be much more stable than other crypto currencies and more suitable as a long-term investment.
The coin went on the market as early as 2014 and was hardly in demand until 2017. This does not have to discourage for a syscoin forecast, it happened to almost all crypto currencies. The crypto currency experienced its first really notable rise in May 2017, rising to 2, then 3 cents in April. In May, the price was finally quoted at 10 cents per coin and reached its highest level of 21 cents in June.


Afterwards, the price fell again, in July it fell below 10 cents, in August it remained around this value. In September, the coin broke its own record again, trading at 26 cents per coin for a short time, after which the value fell back to 10 cents in October. In November it went steadily upwards from this short descent. Like many other crypto currencies, December was supposed to be the best month for the coin, reaching a value of over 70 cents by the end of the year. The share price fell again slightly in January, but was still better than in November of the previous year. As a forecast it can be said that the coin will possibly stay in this range between 20 and 80 cents. Up to now, the price depended on how well the industry in general was doing. You have to wait until the sys/coin development is finished and the full potential of the coin unfolds. Maybe you should buy Sys coin now, before the coin quotes even better.

Create Syscoin Wallet

The Blockmarket Desktop Wallet is the official Syscoin Wallet of the developers. The wallet is easy to download and install. After the wallet has synchronized with the network, you have to add a few syscoins to it, otherwise it won’t work.

Where can I buy the Syscoin?

The Syscoin crypto currency can be exchanged for Bitcoin on Bittrex, Poloniex, Livecoin and Tux exchange, on Yobit the exchange with Ether is also possible. You can’t buy syscoin on these exchanges with Fiat money.

Conclusion Syscoin
The advantage of cheap and fast purchases via a decentralized platform, where no middleman interferes, is obvious and holds great potential. Not much is happening on Syscoin yet, but this could change soon.

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