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100 popular crypto currencies explained in 4 words or less

100 popular crypto currencies | Crypto currency or digital currency is an invention of the Internet. Basically someone out there thought, „Hey, what if we can create a system where money is not geographically tied, like on the Internet, for example“ and lo and behold, now we have over 3000 crypto currencies in circulation.

100 popular crypto currencies: is Ethereum code your favorite?

Not all crypto currencies are the same. Some have amazing properties like this Some were even created as a joke. Others were part of a sophisticated Ethereum code pyramid system. Some are quite useless, because they are also perceived as worthless. Because we should not forget one thing: „Each crypto currency is only as valuable as the value assigned to it by a mass audience.“

As with all other assets (think of stocks or real estate), the price can rise and fall quickly, resulting in very volatile and risky investments. Here are a handful of the popular crypto currencies and what they are known for in 4 words or less.

Note: The ranking on the BildS was taken from newline

Bitcoin: Digital Gold
Ripple: payment processing system for companies
Ethereum: Programmable Contracts and Money
Tether: Price = 1 USD
Komodo: Decentralized ICOs
Steem: Reddit Voting with Money
Golem: rent computers of other people
Basic Attention Token: Decentralized Ad Network
Can Bitcoin survive in the future?
S & P Global Ratings published a report on Monday 19 February entitled „The Future Of Banking: Cryptocurrencies Will Need Some Rules To Change The Game“. It describes the possible outcomes for global financial markets in terms of the actions of crypto markets.

Although the crash at the beginning of February appeared to be synchronous in both the traditional markets and the crypto markets, Mohamed Damak, Senior Director for Senior Financial Services at S&P, does not see this correlation as meaningful, CNBC reports:

„For now, a significant decline in the market value of crypto currencies would still be too small to disrupt stability or affect the creditworthiness of the banks we rank.

According to the S & P report, unlike banks, retail investors would be hit hardest in a crypto crash:

„We expect the rated banks to be largely isolated as their direct or indirect exposure to crypto currencies appears to be limited.

Youtube Star Nicholas Merten: Bitcoin Price at $50,000

Youtube star Nicholar Merten dares to forecast the Bitcoin price. According to his statement, he suspects the value of a Bitcoin at around $ 50,000. But what are his assumptions based on?

Bitcoin revolution reaches the 50,000 dollar mark in 2018

Nicholas Merten, whose Youtube channel has almost 300,000 supporters, is an entrepreneur and investor in crypto space with far-reaching influence. His forecast, which allows Bitcoin to rise to more than double by the end of the year 2017, relies on some large financial problems of the traditional market. In a tweet he names four factors that will drive the price of Bitcoin to unprecedented heights. He bases his pronoun on the following points:

My predictions for 2018:#Bitcoin will be $50K by the EOY. Why? Interest rates will continue to to

– Interest rates will continue to rise
– Deutsche Bank will go under by the 2018
– Equities and housing prices will take a massive hit
– With trillions of $’s that need to exit, the SEC will create a Bitcoin ETF

Contradiction from the own follower series

Some of his followers have questioned his reasoning. It was pointed out that interest rates do not correlate with crypto prices and that Deutsche Bank is restructuring, but a bank of this size will not go under until the end of the year. Nicholas Merten suspects a crypto market capitalization of a trillion dollars by the end of the year.

Furthermore, he thinks that stocks and real estate prices will experience a massive slump. It is interesting, however, that he does not base his assumptions on direct scenarios in connection with Bitcoin & Co., but blames the impending economic crisis for the price increase. Many suspect an impending financial crisis, but whether this will already occur in 2018 remains questionable and is pure speculation.

Lately, Bitcoin price forecasts and most with a bullish signal are increasing. If you compare this with the current market situation, you can only dream of these numbers. Today’s technical analysis has interpreted short-term bearish signals so that selling pressure will continue for now. But as the past has shown, the market can turn completely within a few days.

What do you need to mine crypto currencies?

To mine crypto currencies you should first set up a wallet which can store the crypto currency. Then comes the most important thing: the technology. For the crypto currency mining high-end processors and graphics cards are needed, mostly several at once. Monitors and keyboard are unnecessary bells and whistles, the rest of the hardware is only there to support the graphics cards and processors.

Another crucial element is the software. Different crypto currencies use different mining software. The best way to get information is to visit the website of the respective crypto currency. They usually offer valuable help.

Digging for or buying crypto currencies? – When it is worthwhile to mine crypto currencies !
If you want to trade crypto currencies in order to make short-term profits with them, you should rather turn to the crypto exchanges. Even if you want to own a crypto currency because it enables you to provide services on a platform, mining is not worth it. Simply buying on an Exchange makes more sense here.

Crypto currencies mines are mostly carried out to build up a passive income. It is a long-term investment that only pays for itself after many months. Some are also interested in mining to support the system of a blockchain, because they like the crypto currency behind it.

How can you mine crypto currencies on your mobile phone without bitcoin code scam?

There is also another way that costs much less money. You can mine a few bitcoin code scam with your mobile phone. At the moment this is only possible with Electroneum, but onlinebetrug said it is scam could still find successors in the future. You need an Android smartphone, with the iOS it should soon be possible. You can download the Electroneum App from the Google Play Store, register and start mining.

The more powerful the smartphone, the more you earn. So far, not many ETNs jump out. At the same time, the purchase costs are much lower. In contrast to most PCs, the smartphone can also be used normally during mining.

Which crypto currencies mine as Bitcoin trader?

When choosing the right crypto currency you should not only pay attention to how much a coin is worth for a Bitcoin trader at the moment. It is sometimes more important how hard it is to mine. If the crypto currency is a Bitcoin trader and therefor it is particularly difficult to mine, the chance of successfully digging a block at all also decreases. That’s why most private miners hardly find it worthwhile to mine Bitcoin. To mine Bitcoin, you need an entire server farm.

Litecoin is a worthwhile alternative to Bitcoin. With Litecoin the difficulty is much lower, as are the electricity costs. Although a Litecoin is worth much less, Litecoin Mining will pay off for most people. Some also say that Litecoin is the better Bitcoin. This could be a real investment in the future.
Ethereum is also worth considering. Ethereum could also overtake the Bitcoin at some point, thanks to its platform where users can create their own blockchains and tokens. An ether token was worth only $40 at the beginning of 2017, a year later it was almost $900. The Ether token is however only a token and does not serve as a means of payment. It can nevertheless be exchanged for fiat currencies.
Dash is another promising crypto currency. It is mainly about especially anonymous transactions. This crypto currency is still relatively young, but has already gained some market capitalization. However, some of the mined coins also fall to the community here in order to distribute them more fairly.
If you want to mine crypto currencies, there are a few things to keep in mind. There are the high acquisition costs and the expensive electricity. Once this hurdle has been cleared, however, mining is a sideline and generates a passive income. If you have also made the right choice for the crypto currency, it can really be worth it.

A new concept is to combine smart contracts

A new concept is to combine smart contracts with anonymity. With the help of ring signatures, the transactions that are handled via a smart contract are concealed and are therefore hardly traceable from the outside. At the same time fake accounts are created that participate in this ring.

However, the development of the platform is far from complete; the team has set itself an ambitious roadmap. In June 2018, for example, Wanchain Wallet should be able to hold various crypto currencies. The goal is no less than to create a completely independent financial ecosystem by combining the functions of different blockchains. At the same time, it extends their functions with the anonymous Smart Contracts and its own Cross-Chain Communication Protocol.

Wanchain Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The Blockchain is being developed by the WANchain Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Singapore and Austin, Texas. Founder is Jack Lu, who has already made a name for himself in the cryptosphere. He founded Factom and Wanglu Tech, a company that produces blockchain application software. The programs developed by Wanglu Tech made the Wanchain Coin possible. President of the Foundation is Dustin Byington. He founded Bitcoin College in 2014 and was involved in the founding of Tendermint one year later. He is also one of the founders of Satoshi Talent.

pros and cons

The Wanchain crypto currency is not alone with its project. There are other crypto currencies that want to turn the financial world upside down by using blockchain technologies. Ripple, for example, wants to work closely with banks. Or Stellar, who is also working to build a global financial market. Ark is another crypto project that combines digital assets with the blockchain. WAN must be able to prevail against these competitors. Its chance is that it takes up the features of other chains and combines them instead of building an independent platform.
Apart from this, development is far from complete, even though work on the coin has been underway since 2016. The roadmap extends to 2019 and so far everything has gone well and the Wanchain Coin ICO has been very successful, which means that buying Wanchain Coin has been considered worthwhile by many investors. Apart from that, the WAN Coin made it to the Exchanges KuCoin and Binance, two of the largest crypto exchanges. To be listed there gives the crypto currency even more attention.

Actually, it is still Bitcoin Profit

The WAN Coin has been open for trading since 26 March. The coin was worth 3,37 €. In the following days the Wanchain Coin price fell between € 2.40 and € 2.88. In April it went up again with the course, first to 3.16 € on 09 April and finally to 4.89 € on 13 April. For the next few days, WAN seems to be over €4. But Bitcoin Profit and the WAN Coin forecast: Actually, it is still much too early to be able to give an exact Wanchain forecast. So far the Wanchain Coin course has developed well, but in the short time there is not much to conclude. It is worth mentioning that most coins are quoted much lower when they are listed on the stock exchanges. And since then the price has risen. Whether it will only ever go upwards from here is questionable. Whether the WAN crypto currency can still increase, however, very well possible. Ultimately, it depends on how well the development progresses.
Create Wallet
The official Wanchain Wallet on the developers‘ website should install without problems on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Where can I buy the Wanchain Coin?
If you want to buy Wanchain Coin, the largest volume can be found on Binance, closely followed by KuCoin. These are currently the only Exchanges offering WAN Coins. The exchange takes place with Bitcoin and Ether, on Binance the exchange with the in-house crypto currency is also possible.

Wanchain aims to create a decentralised financial ecosystem by linking different blockchains through smart contracts. We are still in the development phase, but the team is making good progress.

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Wanchain Coin – What is this crypto currency?

Wanchain aims to create a global financial market by connecting different blockchains. More and more blockchain projects and crypto currencies are emerging, which want to create financial independence for their users in various ways. The focus is often on trading digital assets. With the help of the Wanchain Coin this trade is to be united on a platform.



Wanchain Coin – What is this crypto currency?
Who is the crypto currency?
pros and cons
Wanchain Coin Course – Development – Forecast
Create Wallet
Where can I buy the Wanchain Coin?
Wanchain Coin – What is this crypto currency?
bitcoinwiki writes

Wanchain aims to offer following functions:- Become a distributed platform for the exchange of various digital currencies.- Carry out deposit and loan business for different digital currencies.- Conduct transactions of digital assets using digital currency as a medium.- Issue and trade brand new digital financial assets.

The origins of the Wanchain Coin, also called onlinebetrug for short, lie in an Ethereum fork, but it has developed into a completely separate blockchain. The most important element is the cross-chain communication protocol. This allows the exchange between the WAN blockchain and other blockchains. The protocol consists of three modules: The Registration Module registers from which chain a transaction originates. The Cross-Chain Transaction Data Transmission Module handles the interaction of the two blockchains and ensures that the transactions are legal. And finally, the Transaction Status Query Module, which monitors the transactions. Smart Contracts are used for all three modules. The digital contracts introduced by Ethereum enable communication with the WAN blockchain.

The actual coin is a fee for transactions. In addition, WAN coins must be deposited as collateral if transactions to other blockchains are to be concluded. The Wanchain Coin ICO sold a total of 107 million tokens, equivalent to 120,000 ethers. This €107 million represents 51% of the total WAN inventory.

The transactions are verified using a proof-of-stake algorithm. There are different nodes, i.e. nodes that execute different functions, and in return their owners receive a few WAN coins that are charged as fees for the transactions. Vouchers provide security in the event of incorrect transactions, validators record the transactions and storems hold their key shares ready. These keys are required for the Locked Account Generation Scheme. This is a complicated system that ultimately allows several parties to access an account, even if not everyone is present and can use their key. The key is disassembled into parts, but not all parts need to be available to assemble the key.

Syscoin Course and Development Forecast

With regard to a sys coin forecast, one thing can already be said: there will certainly be no huge leaps in the share price. The value of the coin depends on how many people use the platform and open a shop. The mining of the coin is deliberately slow and not particularly productive. That shouldn’t stop you from buying syscoin, though. Syscoin will probably be much more stable than other crypto currencies and more suitable as a long-term investment.
The coin went on the market as early as 2014 and was hardly in demand until 2017. This does not have to discourage for a syscoin forecast, it happened to almost all crypto currencies. The crypto currency experienced its first really notable rise in May 2017, rising to 2, then 3 cents in April. In May, the price was finally quoted at 10 cents per coin and reached its highest level of 21 cents in June.


Afterwards, the price fell again, in July it fell below 10 cents, in August it remained around this value. In September, the coin broke its own record again, trading at 26 cents per coin for a short time, after which the value fell back to 10 cents in October. In November it went steadily upwards from this short descent. Like many other crypto currencies, December was supposed to be the best month for the coin, reaching a value of over 70 cents by the end of the year. The share price fell again slightly in January, but was still better than in November of the previous year. As a forecast it can be said that the coin will possibly stay in this range between 20 and 80 cents. Up to now, the price depended on how well the industry in general was doing. You have to wait until the sys/coin development is finished and the full potential of the coin unfolds. Maybe you should buy Sys coin now, before the coin quotes even better.

Create Syscoin Wallet

The Blockmarket Desktop Wallet is the official Syscoin Wallet of the developers. The wallet is easy to download and install. After the wallet has synchronized with the network, you have to add a few syscoins to it, otherwise it won’t work.

Where can I buy the Syscoin?

The Syscoin crypto currency can be exchanged for Bitcoin on Bittrex, Poloniex, Livecoin and Tux exchange, on Yobit the exchange with Ether is also possible. You can’t buy syscoin on these exchanges with Fiat money.

Conclusion Syscoin
The advantage of cheap and fast purchases via a decentralized platform, where no middleman interferes, is obvious and holds great potential. Not much is happening on Syscoin yet, but this could change soon.

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